Why use a flexible project management solution?

Flexible solution for creative project management: (def.) a solution that adapts to your studio, your teams and your different projects thanks to a high level of customization.

The industry is constantly evolving, we must always organize ourselves better, create always faster, for even less. How to serve artistic creation, sometimes as a craft art, and remain competitive while meeting objectives?

The objective of Aquarium is to offer you technical and organizational solutions to succeed in any creative project. You can finally focus on what you do best to make your creative vision a reality.

Without a flexible project management solution

  • Projects sometimes end with complications, whether in terms of workload, budget or team enthusiasm.
  • “On sight” navigation during the project with only spreadsheet documents or with unsuitable tools that scatter information.
  • You spend your time chasing after retakes and who has to do what.
  • You have too many things to deal with at the same time, and it tires you out.

With a flexible project management solution

  • Your teams gain autonomy and empowerment. No more need for constant micro-management.
  • Your work takes on more value by connecting the right production information.
  • You save time by using elements and entities already available and by being able to automate some actions.
  • You have more time to reflect and carry the artistic and creative vision.

What are the advantages of nodes in all of this?

We love nodal technology and we use it everywhere in Aquarium to offer you the necessary flexibility to allow you to reach the right balance between standardization of production steps and processes while ensuring their sufficient customization.

You can now structure the projects in your own way and according to your needs: new type of project, change of organization for this production, slight variations between several productions however appearing similar, …

The great thing about the node display mode is that it allows you to transform your abstract production data into visual information that can be understood by all your teams, including artistic ones.

Some (good) information.

Aquarium is designed and developed by Fatfish Lab. A software and technology development company for professionals in the visual creation field based in France.

Before its public availability, Aquarium took advantage of several years of development and use in production.

Fatfish Lab is founded by Yann Moriaud, Fabien Weibel and Alexandre Spontak in 2016.

Our expertise in the visual industry has led us to work on:

Tame the chaos of your creative productions.

The new generation nodal platform to manage your creative projects.

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