Do you want to tame the chaos of your creative productions?

Increase the potential of your artist and production teams, build the workflows that suit you and succeed in your most ambitious projects with a robust solution that boosts your efficiency.

The new generation nodal platform

to manage your creative projects.

More flexibility

to express your creativity

Whether you are a mid-size studio, a small agency, a large group, there is a time when spreadsheet documents and too many different tools are no longer suitable.

Discover our solutions available to organize your activity and put them into practice in your studio.

Database of your productions

Keep an eye on all your production data. Define specific workflows that resemble your studio and your projects.

Flexibility and customization

Node, table, planning and focus views. Ultra-customizable to be ultra-efficient.

Projects, tasks, assets, shots and more

Tv, Film, Advertising, 2D and 3D Animation, VFX. Start a new production at full power with 14+ types of entities already present. Do you need a specific one? You can create it.

Asset and Shots Manager apps, stats, scheduling and reviews

Start an active collaboration between artists, production managers and TDs with clear and visual tools.

Find out why a project management solution can make a difference.

Aquarium Studio integrations

Google Spreadsheet


Marmoset toolbag

Prism pipeline (soon)

OpenPype (soon)

and more…

Choose your workflows

Whether you are an artist, production manager, supervisor, developer or all four at the same time, Aquarium can support you throughout the project’s production chain.

Quickly start your next production by adopting good practices and being able to count on a library of powerful entities already available to manage your assets, shots, users, tasks, projects and more.

Get organized to the rhythm of your projects and according to the requirements of each stage of production with customizable and dynamic views. Track tasks, teams and all the other information you need.

Bring clarity for your team

Always find the right information at the right time with a clear and sleek interface.

Whether with large or small teams, centralize the data of your productions and bring everyone together around an active collaboration with apps (todolist, planning, asset and shot manager), comments, note taking and mentions.

Prepare your review moments with playlists and write all feedbacks with text and graphic annotations. Use them everywhere else in Aquarium and then define who should do what with task management possibilities.
Make sure you’re always on schedule and on target with stats and overviews.

Try Aquarium & find out how it can help you.

Frequently asked questions

What is Aquarium?

Aquarium is a project management platform for creative professionals that allows you to effectively manage and monitor your productions from start to finish.

Intuitive and collaborative, Aquarium helps you steer each step of your project and brings all the teams together around a common objective: succeed in your project on time, by controlling your budget and strengthening collaboration.

Modular and flexible, Aquarium adapts to your needs and projects to help you develop your business.

Who can use aquarium?

Aquarium can assist you throughout the production steps of the project whatever your position is thanks to its modular design that made it a collaborative and flexible platform.

Creators, Artists: get reliable information on tasks and work to be done or already done.
Supervisors, Production managers: build a vision and strategy, follow the progress of the teams and the progress of the project.
TD, Developers: build and integrate tools and links in your pipeline, in a scalable, flexible and powerful way.

For the most advanced users and requests, we offer online resources, local support on our Discord and possibilities for tailor-made services.

How much does Aquarium cost?

You can check our pricing lists tailored to suit your needs here.
We can talk together to come up with a quote or a formula specially adapted to your expectations and to your studio. Ask us!

I already have a project management solution.

Let’s discuss what works well and what doesn’t meet your needs.
Our teams can support you for a progressive and reliable implementation of Aquarium within your pipeline.
Do you want Aquarium to coexist with your management solution? It’s possible. Contact us.

I need a specific feature.

You have the opportunity to develop the interactions you want with the complete REST API and our online resources.

You can also ask us for customized development to optimize Aquarium according to your needs and expectations. Ask us!