Centralize information and bring all teams together around an active collaboration.

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Use your production data visually and on a daily basis.

Keep your teams synchronized by creating your own monitoring tables from your project data. Choose the most suitable form: tables, cards or even in nodes.

Make the most of your available production data and cross-check information from other departments, projects, tasks and steps in your studio.

Follow-up steps and goals

Department monitoring

Customizable to adapt them to your expectations

Task management

Share and align your expectations.


Follow the progress together.

Collaborative media player

No more obsolete versions.

Real-time and frame-by-frame playback




Text annotations

Hand drawn annotations

Documents and Notes

Annotate your images and videos. Conversations and playlists allow you to gather feedback from your internal teams as well as your clients.

Centralize your briefings, notes and processes to easily share them with your teams.

Playlists and Reviews with your teams

Playlists and Reviews with your clients

Linked to your shots, assets, sequences and many more

Discover production monitoring capabilities

To stay on road and anticipate your actions.

Fulfill your creative vision.

The new generation nodal platform to manage your creative projects.

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