Freely choose your own setup and your workflows according to your projects.

Ready for all kind of creative projects.

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Clear and intuitive interface

Visual functionalities.

Responsive and efficient interface

Drag and Drop

Multi-windows and Full screen mode

Dark theme

Choose your mode of organization

Decide with freedom on your organization with the power of a modular and flexible platform.



Adapt Aquarium to your working and production method.
Structure your projects in the traditional waterfall way, or in sprint or with your own method.

You can also choose to start quickly with our ready-to-use templates to start with existing project structures.

Build with clarity

Well thought features.

Table display mode

Card display mode

Node display mode


Quick filters

Level of information

Custom filters

Quick edition


All the advantages of a node-based plateform at your disposal.

We love nodal technology and we use it everywhere in Aquarium to offer you the necessary flexibility to allow you to reach the right balance between standardization of production steps and processes while ensuring their sufficient customization.

You can now structure the projects in your own way and according to your needs: new type of project, change of organization for this production, slight variations between several productions however appearing similar, …

The great thing about the node display mode is that it allows you to transform your abstract production data into visual information that can be understood by all your teams, including artistic ones.

Versatile and scalable possibilities

All the tools you need to work efficiently, all in one platform.

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